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Top 5 True Crime YouTube Channels

YouTube True Crime
Graphic by Amanda Bollig.

As human beings, we’re drawn to true crime and the horrors of what other humans are capable of. It’s the terrifying thought that there are people who commit true evil. It’s trying to understand the psyche of criminals. Either way, most of us have this strange fascination. 

We’ve compiled our favorite 5 true crime YouTube channels. These channels are the best of the best. Their aim is to bring light to the victims rather than sensationalizing the criminals. 

  1. Trace Evidence 

Trace Evidence is run by Steven Pacheco. His channel and podcast are dedicated to unsolved cases. He focuses on unsolved murders as well as suspicious missing person cases. Pacheco goes beyond the basics and digs deep into the crimes. He finds details of these cases that many other channels don’t find. He spreads the word about cases that have gone cold. His hope is that someone out there watching knows something. 

  1. Danelle Hallan 

Danelle Hallan covers several types of crime. However, she focuses on the murders and disappearances of indigenous women. Indigenous women, in Canada and the U.S., have a higher chance to meet a violent end. The most dangerous area is what’s referred to as the “Highway of Tears” in British Columbia. Despite the high statistic, their deaths and disappearances aren’t taken seriously by the police. They’re also reported on less in the media. Hallan brings a spotlight to these cases to create more awareness for the victims. 

  1. Stephanie Harlowe 

Stephanie Harlowe’s channel started as a beauty channel. However, her interest in true crime is much more powerful. Her channel brings honesty to true crime. She covers mostly recent true crime events. She doesn’t sugarcoat the difficult subjects and leads serious discussions. 

  1. Criminally Listed 

Criminally Listed is a true crime channel that focuses on all the details you can’t get from the newspaper, or other YouTube channels. It discusses smaller cases, not just the popular cases that most true crime channels and the media cover. 

  1. JCS – Criminal Psychology 

The JCS – Criminal Psychology channel is a bit different than the others on this list. Kizzume does so much more than go over true crime cases. He examines interrogation videos, explains why convicted criminals make the comments they do, and discusses what could be going on in their minds during these intense events. If you have an interest in criminal psychology, this is the true crime channel for you. 

Image courtesy of Amanda Bollig | Kirkwood Communiqué

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