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Avian wildlife class
Students in an avian wildlife class are required to social distance and sit in the same seats each class, as well as wear a face mask on Nov 18, 2020. Photo by Parker Palen.

While everyone’s college experience can differ from person to person, many can give similar advices to those just joining college, especially those who are first generation college students. 

Focus on your mental health. It’s okay to be stressed about an assignment or group project, anxious about an upcoming test, or just drained after a long week. However, when it’s lasting for a long time or actually preventing you to get assignments done or performance at work. You can also reach out for counseling. 

Ask for help. There’s going to be a lesson or an assignment that we may not fully understand. While it may feel like that you should know how to do a task or an assignment, there’s no shame in asking for help from other students or instructors. There is also no shame when going to tutoring. 

Don’t skip classes. Sure, sometimes we may want to skip a lesson because of a long draining week or simply not enjoying the class, however, this can easily become a habit. Not only are you missing class, but a class that you’re paying for.  

Although COVID-19 has forced many on campus clubs to temporarily stop meeting, joining a club is one of the best things you can do during college. While it may not seem like there is time between classes, homework and work, joining a club is not only an opportunity to make new friends but it’s a great way to destress and a way to take a break from classes and work. 

Image courtesy of Parker Palen | Kirkwood Communiqué

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