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‘Ugly Love’ by Collen Hoover: A booktok review

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Collen Hoover’s books were brought to fame by a series of TikToks on what teens consider ‘booktok’ or a part of TikTok dedicated to book reviews it started with “It Ends with Us.” Since then, I have read many more. TikTok has also brought me this book plus a bunch more.

“Ugly Love” is a rough love story between Tate Collins and her brother’s best friend Miles Archer. She knew this wasn’t love at first sight. They don’t have a single thing in common expect for their undeniably crazy attraction toward each other.

Tate doesn’t have time for love and Miles doesn’t want love, so they come to the conclusion of friends with benefits. But there are rules that come with this; never ask about the past and don’t expect a future. At first, they think they can handle it, but the heart wants what it wants. Promises are broken and love gets ugly.

Hoover alternated between each character, so readers are able to get a better understanding of the story from each view. This allows readers not to become biased as most people would if it was either only from her point of view or his.

The romance parts of the book we’re exhilarating, because it didn’t have too much of a side story to get sidetracked, but in the end, there should be a little expansion of the romance between them too.

The way that Hoover writes her books will break the reader in half when they are finished.

The book blog Lovin Los Libros stated, “Another hit from Colleen Hoover that will leave your heart open and exposed to emotions.” This book isn’t the only one.

It has its tearjerker moments along with the perfection moments and even the moments that readers want to throw the book across the room, set it ablaze and pick it up again to continue reading moments later.

According to the literary publication Booklist, “Hoover builds a new-adult world here with two people growing in their careers and discovering mature love.”

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