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‘Scream’: A classic horror movie revamped

Many might say they hate cheesy horror movie slashers, like the Scream franchise, but for classic horror fans the new Scream movie comes with the time-tested murder mystery, jump scare thrills that best any of the Scream franchise.

Except for this time, fans were shocked to see the original characters back, with vengeance chasing down the killer at their own expense and many times their lives. Originals like Cindy Prescott and Gale Weathers came back to the small town of Westboro, Pennsylvania where they were haunted by a killer decades ago, when they were teenagers.

The movie used this juncture of classic characters and new relatable and lovable characters to give the movie a special charm compared to the last gamut of slasher movies coming out of the franchise.

The movie also used a 4th wall break, referencing the Stab movies, which we know as the Scream movies. The movie uses classic horror tropes and twists to give it a humorous edge in today’s theaters.

Overall, the movie is fun to watch and will have you clenching your jaw as you watch the plot unfold and some gory scenes.

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