Be persuasive with help from the college library

CONTRIBUTED: Convincing others of a specific point-of-view is critical; a research article attempts to convince readers that their findings are valid. Not only that, but it is an important skill to develop for one’s work and personal life. As spring semester winds into full gear, many students have to write persuasive papers or give persuasive speeches for their classes. The Kirkwood Library has everything you need to construct a well-researched, solid argument.

To start your persuasive assignment, we have a section of books chocked-full of modern controversial topics. No matter which side of the fence you land on for an issue, these books cover both, giving you an opportunity to prove you have considered other points-of-view.

These books are located in our Debate sections of the library: first floor behind newspapers on the Cedar Rapids campus and in the Readers’ Lounge area in Iowa City.

Unable to find your topic on the shelves? No problem. The Opposing Viewpoints Database found here: opposing has over 400 different topics to choose from.

In addition, the database conTains articles covering both sides of an issue as well as articles from academic journals, newspapers, magazines and even audio recordings of radio shows that explore the topic. Our CQ Researcher database: also has great information on lots of issues as well.

Our general collection of print books has hundreds of books on a very wide range of topics. Additionally, if you are taking classes remotely, our eBook collection has over 200,000 titles on a huge range of subjects. Both print and eBooks are available by searching our catalog:

Looking for information from research articles on a topic other than a contemporary controversial topic, is easy thanks to Kirkwood Library’s offerings of 90 different databases containing articles from many subject areas:

If you still need help finding what you are looking for, feel free to contact a librarian at, call us at 319-398-5697 or stop by the Cedar Rapids or Iowa City campus library locations.