Library resources for academics and leisure

Finals are not that far away. So, what are some of the really valuable resources and fun things that the Kirkwood Community College main campus library has to offer?  
The library offers private study rooms for personal study use. They are helpful if a student needs a quiet place to study on their own. They are checked out on a first-come first-serve basis. The library also has many desks and tables on both floors students may use. The second floor is a designated quite area, which is enforced. 
The library has several partial skeletons anatomy students can check out to use as a study tool. Just ask the front desk to check one out and use it in the library. Many textbooks are also available to check out. While textbooks can’t leave the library, students can use the copier for free using their print quota for the term. 

The library also has many DVDs available for check out. Students can watch these recent movies for a night and then return them the next day without any cost. Students can also check out laptops as well as use desktop computers.  

There are not just study materials in the library. Students can find many fictional novels, a wide selection of children’s books and books for students who are learning English as a second langue. And, never hesitate to ask one of the many librarians for help finding books or help with research projects.  

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