Student Spotlight: Hamdiatu Yakubu

Hamdiatu Yakubu
Photo contributed by Hamdiatu Yakubu.

CONTRIBUTED: Kirkwood student Hamdiatu Yakubu, from West Africa, talks about her big decision to attend college in Iowa. 

Q: Where are you from? And what did you like most about where you’re from? 

A: I am from Ghana, West Africa. What I like most about Ghana would be our tolerance and peaceful nature. 

Q: What made you choose to go to Kirkwood? And what are your plans after Kirkwood? A: I am an international student on the Community College Initiative Program so I did not single handedly decide to come to Kirkwood. But I am glad I was placed in Kirkwood. After Kirkwood, I would go back and complete my resident course in my country and also implement my action plan, which is a project on improving reading skills amongst basic school children in my community. 

Q: What’s your favorite childhood memory? 

A: As a child I attended a middle grade school owned by a lady who organized extracurricular activities. So, I had the chance to go on excursions and trips, which I enjoyed a lot. 

Q: Where have you all traveled and what was your favorite place? 

A: We travelled to museums, beaches, zoos and trade fairs. My favorite was the beaches and museums. 

Q: What inspires or motivates you? 

A: Waking up to a new day in good health and strength is what keeps me moving. 

Q: Tell me about yourself, your hobbies, family, etc. 

A: I am an intro-extrovert who loves to have my own space and hardly makes new friends. I love to watch movies, cook and music. I have three siblings and live with my mom back in mycountry. I speak four languages. 

Q: What is your greatest achievement in life, and why? 

A: My greatest achievement in life is to go to a university, because it took me four years after high school to go back to school. I had to take the bold decision of funding my own education.  

Q: What’s your favorite season, and the traditions that come with it that you and your family do? 
A: I love it when the rains set in. I love water, the oceans and rivers. In my country there are no traditions that come with the rainy season, only more farming activities. 

Q: How would you describe yourself? 

A: I am strong-willed and open-minded. I am good at speaking, listening and very creative at bringing ideas. I am also very compassionate and care about the people around me. 

Image courtesy of Hamdiatu Yakubu