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‘The Reading Witch’

Drawing by Amanda Bollig.

Creative Writing:

Hi, my name is Cally. I’m a witch. Something important you need to know about me: I absolutely love to read. However, I’ve run into quite the problem I was hoping you could help me with. I can’t read English! I know, it’s truly an issue, especially for a witch of my stature. Don’t blame me though. I’ve always wanted someone to teach me, but not even my best friend, Tia, can help. 

I’ve asked her bunches but unfortunately, she cannot read English either. Not that she wants to. She doesn’t see herself as a witch, not as I do. We’re both witches, mind you, but she feels more like a spirit animal. Oh, what’s the word? Familiar! That’s strange to me. 

I mulled all this over as I played at one of Miriam’s books. He always sets them up so precariously on the bookshelf. I can easily knock one over in my attempt to open it up and peer over its pages. It doesn’t always open to the page I like. Another thing I would like you to know about me: I ever so much enjoy writing. I’m a spell writer. Words of power flow through my brain, water through the channel of thought. 

Thoughts must be channeled precisely or a spell can go awry like that! It can be pretty devastating. I licked my lips as I got one of the pink books open. I heard Tia over by the window say, “What is it this time, Cally?” She was messing with Miriam’s yarn. Tia liked to knit, or so she said. Her works were more Celtic knots than knitted sweaters, if you asked me. 

I stuck my tongue out at her, “Can you understand these?” I pointed at a couple letters on the page, a twisted snake and a pretzel. 

“I wouldn’t even try,” said Tia. She rolled her eyes as she batted at a dark blue ball, so blue it was black as ink. I wondered what she wanted to make with it. 

I leapt toward her, and touched the ball to stop it rolling. “You never get anywhere with these!” I told her. 

“And you never get anywhere with those.” Tia licked her lips and pointed at the book I had knocked on the floor. 

“Not for lack of trying and no thanks to help from you!” I sauntered off. 

Just then the door opened. It was Miriam, our wizard, coming home! Oh it was ever so exciting when he returned to his castle. I sat down next to the book, hoping he’d see it and know I wanted to read. I wondered what he’d think this time. He set his keys down on the side table and hung his jacket up on the coat rack next to the door. 

“What have you two been up to while I’ve been away?” He picked up the book and I stood, staring at him. 

“You want to read it, huh?” He chuckled and went to sit in his red armchair. I went to my turret, the blue tower meant for Tia and I’s enjoyment. It made it easy to get on Miriam’s level no doubt. 

“Of course I want to read it!” I snapped and ran toward my wizard. I perched on his lap and pawed at the pages. 

“I never understand you,” said Tia as she came to perch next to me. She looked into the pages and scoffed but didn’t leave either. 

Miriam began to read, “I wonder, if it is a dark patch over the sun that stops me every time, or if it’s only that I stop to examine the clouds to see what I imagine in them? They do stop me every time, as I like to pretend they are an elephant or a teacup…” 

Oh how heavenly it was! 

Have you guessed it yet? As I hopped off Miriam’s lap and stared up at him, I thought to myself, Silly humans. “Silly cats,” he said, “you must be very hungry.” Indeed we were.

Image courtesy of Amanda Bollig

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