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$32 million student center construction well underway

Construction worker
A construction worker is hoisted in a boom lift outside the student center on Sept. 15, 2021. PHOTO BY JESSICA MCWILLIAMS.

The massive student center that is currently under construction in what is formerly known as Iowa Hall is more than halfway complete, according to Monica Davis, senior director of Facilities at Kirkwood Community College.  

The $32-million project started just over a year and a half ago in March of 2020 and is expected be completed and ready for students by the beginning of the fall term of 2022.  

Davis said she expects the center to be the hub of student life on campus with a new and improved dining hall, meeting rooms, lounging space, a café and student services such as Global Learning, Dean of Students, Admission, and Financial Aid all occupying space in the new student center.  

Starting more than two years ago, the idea was to bring students together with the new space.  

“It’s been a really big effort with a lot of people involved. Started two years ago trying to decide what was needed in this new student center,” Davis said. “It really is going to be the hub of campus for everyone to gather and have meeting areas of variety for students to use.” 

The idea was to consolidate all of the things that students might need into one space according to Davis, instead of having essential student services spread all across campus.  

“One reason we decided to build the student center was the overall need for bringing more of the campus needs for students that are spread out across campus like One Stop and Admissions. We were just in all these different locations so just trying to get all of those needs in one location is key,” Davis said.  

All of this is aimed to lead to more interaction among students and to have a flowing creative space for students to enjoy.  

“It’ll bring students together and maybe students who wouldn’t necessarily get together. Having separate student organizations grouped together in this space to hopefully get more interaction,” Davis said. “ We are hoping to foster a greater relationship between students, staff, faculty, advisors and counselors.” 

Students are excited about the new student center and what it will bring to campus.  

“I just think it’s going to be a cool area to hang out and study and everyone likes a new building,” said Kaitlyn “I’m super excited that Kirkwood is making a student center for students to feel safe in and studying.” 

Image courtesy of Jessica McWilliams

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