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A fond farewell

Vice President Bill Lamb
Vice President Bill Lamb in his office on Nov. 18, 2020. Photo by Jessica McWilliams.

At the end of the Fall 2020 semester, Kirkwood Community College will bid farewell to Dr. Bill Lamb, vice president of Academic Affairs.  

Lamb will retire after 13 years at the college but said he will continue teaching English Literature and composition classes.  

In regard to his time at Kirkwood, Lamb said that he enjoyed seeing students achieve their goals academically. Lamb said he has also had the opportunity to participate in many graduation ceremonies.    

According to Lamb, he plans to spend his retirement visiting his children and grandchildren in other states, as well as writing fictional novels. He does not plan to travel to Europe right now.  

Lamb said, “I will miss my co-workers and the friends I have made but it’s time to slow down.”  

Lamb will be remembered by fondly by those who worked with him. Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs Colette Atkins said, “Dr. Bill Lamb has been a role model for so many faculty and staff at the college. His leadership in Academic Affairs has impacted thousands of students and hundreds of faculty.  I will miss his quick wittedness and his passion for the community college.” 

Executive Assistant of Academic Affairs Stephanie Ferguson said, “It has been such a joy working under Dr. Lamb’s leadership. His passion for Kirkwood is clearly reflected in his day-to-day work and can be spoken for from the many lives he has impacted. I will really miss his jokes in the office and his positive outlook on just about anything.” 

Lamb has also left a lasting impact on many students. According to, students stated they not only loved his classes but they were grateful for his knowledge and his compassion in difficult circumstances.  

One student from December 2019 had this to say, “I really learned a lot from this course having not attended school in 20+ years…”  Another student said in April of 2019 “I took his online course and he had the materials clearly designed to help students. He always gave lots of personal feedback.” 

Image courtesy of Jessica McWilliams

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