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Apparel merchandising launches magazine

Bricolage the new Apparel Merchandising magazine’s front cover. PHOTO BY JEFF SIGMUND

The Kirkwood Community College Apparel Merchandising program held a launch party on Sept. 9 in Nielson Hall to celebrate a new addition; the magazine, Bricolage.

The launch edition is 73 pages of sustainable fashion. Sustainability was a huge factor for the content of the magazine. The project had no outside funding and was produced from pieces of the community.

“This project was a dream I had,” said Elisha Stanley, apparel merchandising and design instructor.

Kirkwood student Matthew von Schenkel is the editor-in-chief and head photographer of the magazine. Kirkwood student Morgane Jambor is the co-editor. Both were the focus of Monday night’s launch.

Jambor is new to the apparel merchandising program having joined last spring whereas von Schenkel is nearly through the program.

The magazine has been in motion since the spring of 2018. Jambor got involved in July while von Schenkel was pulled in later.

“This launch edition is to try to get the attention of people for the magazine. It doesn’t have to be fashion apparel students…It’s more toward the creative side of Kirkwood,” said Jambor.

Some of the guests at the launch included models featured in the first issue as well as Dean of Business and Information Technology Colette Atkins.

“It just makes me so proud of our faculty and students to see their passion for something, but these students are doing so much more than what they’re supposed to do,” said Atkins.

The launch party also attracted Sherry Swanson, a former instructor with the program and her husband, John Swanson, who sits on the Board of Trustees for Kirkwood.

All guests united to support the magazine and the passion it grew from. Such passion is clear when the editor-in-chief discussed how he grew to love fashion.

“When I figured out what it meant and how much you’re telling people with your outfit and what your outfit can mean; that’s when I really fell in love with fashion…It’s one of those things you can’t not participate in,” said von Schenkel.

As for the co-editor, she was more excited about allowing other people to see her work.

“For me, I love this project but I’ve seen it since the beginning. Seeing everyone’s reactions to it is really exciting,” said Jambor.

The second issue of the magazine is set for May. Both Jambor and Stanley hope to involve other majors, specifically graphic design and interior design, with the project.

Image courtesy of Jeff Sigmund

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