Learning Commons: Provides academic help

The Learning Commons has taken steps to support Kirkwood Community College students in their academics with a wide range of services. Located in 2071 Cedar Hall, students can make appointments or drop in for assistance.

“Learning Commons is for everyone. It’s for group work. It’s for improving your studies. It’s a place we want everyone to feel welcome and everyone to utilize,” said Hailey Hebl, associate director of the Learning Commons.

The Learning Commons is modeled after other student gathering places at Kirkwood. There is a room with rows of computers like the Nielsen Hall computer lab. And, there are multiple, more personal mini rooms, similar to the lounges in Iowa Hall.

Students have the option to schedule a learning assistant for personal in-depth learning. “Call me and I can help you set up an appointment,” said Alondra Hernandez, dental assistant major who works at the front desk.

Or, students can just drop in for help with homework. “I just come here whenever I want to because I don’t like math,” said one student who was receiving assistance with a course assignment.

Learning assistant Edgar Cuevas, engineering major, said he assists students. One common question he asks is, “Are there any questions you’d like me to answer?”

Hebl discussed how the Learning Commons can help students with almost anything related to academics including math, science, tech computer applications, nursing, physical therapy assistance and more.

The Learning Commons will provide focus groups in the near future, starting with certain chemistry classes.

According to Hebl, language services are also provided. She said the Learning Commons is partnering with the ELA department and specially trained ELA learning assistants will be available during specific drop-in hours.

Kirkwood students can access the Learning Commons online platforms 24/7, Brainfuse, via pressing the “Live Online Tutoring” blue button in the “Welcome to Talon” class on Talon. Or, visit learningcommons.

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