Personal hygiene and appearance matter 

Most students have been in a situation where they’re running late and need to roll out of bed and immediately go to class. When that happens, they may have to prioritize the steps in their morning routine and unfortunately, let some things go. But, no matter the circumstances, students should still do their best to be dressed appropriately for an academic setting with precedence given to basic personal hygiene.  

 All students should be able to attend class without the distraction of another person’s body odor or bad breath. If you are short on cash and can’t afford a trip to the store, Kirkwood can help. Just visit the food pantry on the third floor of Iowa Hall for free personal products.  

In addition to personal hygiene, students should also pay attention to what they are wearing. Some of the benefits of dressing well include a greater sense of confidence and improved body language. 

According to the University of Texas at Austin, “Clothes that look good make you feel good. Confidence is essential if you want to move up in life. People who feel confident and have a sense of self-respect send the message that people should listen to them and that they are worthy of their time and respect… Sloppy and overly casual clothes can give the idea that you don’t care or that you don’t pay attention to details.” 

Not paying attention to clothing choices can also have negative consequences. People intentionally and unintentionally judge a person’s personality and competence by their appearance. According to Psychology Today reported in 2020, “In a series of nine studies, community members and undergraduate students were presented with pictures of random faces paired with either expensive or cheap upper-body clothing and asked to judge these people’s competence. In all investigations, faces paired with richer clothing were judged as more competent, even when the instructions warned participants to ignore clothing in their judgments of competence.”  

Most students attend college with a goal in mind – find a meaningful career, get a promotion at a current job, learn news skills, etc. Whatever the goal, personal hygiene and appropriate clothing matter. College is preparation for the next step in life and it is important to have confidence in oneself and be viewed competently when entering the workforce.

Now is the time to take responsibility for personal appearance and hygiene. 

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