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Renovation changes continue on campus

Since the summer of 2019, Kirkwood Community College has been working on renovations across campus. This is a result of a $60 million bond that passed in 2017 which allowed the college to start making changes on campus to improve the learning environment.

 The four main places of focus were the Michael J Gould Recreation Center (Rec Center), the Automotive Technology Center, Washington Hall and the construction of a new center of student life. 

At this time, the Rec Center and Automotive Technology Center have already been completed. Washington Hall has an expected completion date in December 2020. The Student Center, however, is not slated for completion until Fall 2022, and according to Kirkwood Community College President Dr. Lori Sundberg, will be “space where all students feel welcome and included, where they feel comfortable to hang out  and interact with people who are and are not like them.”  

The final plans will be sent for approval this November. Construction will then begin in January 2020. Iowa Hall and the Mansfield Center will be closed during this time, and remain down throughout the duration of the project. 

The departments currently located there will be relocated across campus. This includes, but is not limited to, Student Life, the Dean of Students Office, Counseling Services and admissions.  

Most of these are being moved to their new locations in November but some will be moved prior to or after. The only parking that will be closed to students, staff and faculty according to Justin Hoehn Associate Director of Marketing, will be the “top tier level of the parking lot closest to the Mansfield Center (located to the southwest of the building) will be closed… in addition, occasionally the small parking lot at the bottom of the hill located in between Linn Hall and the bookstore will need to be closed for delivery of materials.”  

Students can view artist renderings on Kirkwood’s website  to see what the new Student Life Center and other facilities will look like upon completion of construction. For more information on the upcoming renovations and updates as they occur please visit

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