Cafeteria Pizza takes a bite out of the competition

One of three pizzas tried during a best pizza competition on Oct 3, 2019. PHOTO BY BUREZE NDAKO

Pizza is one the most popular foods on campus and a lot of that pizza comes from the cafeteria, which in my humble opinion makes the best pizza in town. 

I say this not because its conveniently located in the middle of the school and served all day everyday in a wide variety of flavors. It’s also very quick to eat and easy on my wallet. 

When I’m hungry, running late for my afternoon class, or low on money, I always go for the cafeteria pizza.  

Going around campus and asking people what they thought of the cafeteria’s pizza I got a lot of different responses. 

Only one person said they did not enjoy pizza, which I only assume they must have only tried the most horrible pizzas to have such an opinion. 

Everyone else who answered told me they really enjoyed it. Asking them what their favorite flavors the cafeteria served yielded the top three to be the Bacon Mac and Cheese, Chicken Pesto and Pepperoni. 

This was just in the small number of people I was able to ask but clearly every flavor option has its large number of fans as you can see cafeteria employees popping new pizzas into the oven throughout the day. 

Curious to see how the cafeteria ranked to its competitors in the area, some of us at the paper bought a couple pizzas from two different local establishments – HyVee and Paul Revere’s Pizza. 

We decided to go with pepperoni to keep it simple. We put each pizza into a blank box and had our recipients try a slice from each. 

The results came back with the cafeteria’s pizza being the most popular with the other two tied for second. We would have liked to include Pizza Hut in our not so scientific study but they were closed that morning. 

The cafeteria’s pizza is not to be dismissed. We are lucky at Kirkwood to have such a great cafeteria, as many colleges do not have such a selection, especially for pizza.  

Did I mention they even serve breakfast pizza early in the morning? So the next time you are hungry and have $3 in your pocket, head over to the cafeteria for a slice of the best pizza in this area.

Image courtesy of Bureze Ndako | Kirkwood Communiqué

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