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Spring registration moves forward: Tips and tricks

As Priority Registration week wraps, students may or may not have completed their registration for the upcoming Spring semester. Advice from an academic advisor may help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that students might be experiencing through the process.  

Karla Scriven is the academic advisor for the Fine Arts and Digital Arts programs at Kirkwood Community College. She shared information about the role of academic advisors in the registration process.

Q: What should students be doing to prepare for registration? 

A: Students should have a plan of what classes they would like to take in the winter and/or summer. Students should also be familiar with MyHub and using the course planner. 

Q: Why is it important to be in communication with your Academic Advisor

A: Academic advisors can assist with schedules and keeping students on track to graduate. We highly recommend to not self-advise. Our job is to help students plan for their success at Kirkwood. Also, students may have holds on their accounts that advisors can either remove, or guide them to the department(s) that can remove the hold. 

Q: What questions do students usually ask in an advising session? 

A: Can you remove the hold on my account? 

Q: What should a student do if they are thinking about changing their academic focus? 

A: Students should first speak with their academic advisor so they can then connect them to the department where the program is housed.  

Q: Where can students find out more information regarding how to prepare for their session with an academic advisor? 

A: There is helpful information on the Advising & Transfer Center webpage, found at, including a Frequently Asked Question section. 

Many departments have their own dedicated academic advisors, like Scriven, because of their knowledge of the specific classes and sequences in catalog year for a particular academic focus. This is important in long range planning to make sure requisite courses are completed in the sequence offered and making sure students can complete their chosen degree on schedule.  

The Business and IT Department sponsor a “Registration Roundup” that provides drop-in assistance for students in their department needing help with registrations. It offers an opportunity to ask questions of the faculty and staff, discover careers, programs, and classes, as well as have a little fun along the way with refreshments. 

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