Add a nurse’s office on campus

Throughout the school year, students experience a variety of illnesses and unexpected health issues. One resource Kirkwood Community College does not have is a campus nurse. In previous years, there was a campus nurse who assisted with minor student issues. It is vital for students to have an affordable and convenient place to access healthcare, especially on campus.  

Many college campuses in the state such as the University of Iowa, Iowa State University, and the University of Northern Iowa have a Campus Health building that students and faculty can use. This allows for free health assistance for minor issues, alleviating the need for insurance and co-pays. 

At Kirkwood, students may not have health insurance or they might have insurance with higher co-pays. This makes visiting a clinic unaffordable and some students are not able to get the help they need. 

Another benefit of having a campus nurse is that students do not have to travel to a clinic and can be seen quickly in between classes.  

A campus nurse could provide testing for illnesses such as fever, cold, COVID or the flu. STD testing is also beneficial to students on the college level.  

Additionally, students, faculty and staff do not always carry over-the-counter medicine, bandages, or creams and a trip to the nurse’s office could help them get what they need to work through the day. 

Blood pressure testing as well as temperature checks will help to keep students in good shape and health. Not only would it be quick and free, but it would also be simpler than traveling to a nearby hospital or urgent care clinic. 

Appointments and walk-ins are especially difficult for students to schedule as they are often on the go from class to work. 

Kirkwood is a big college and having a nurse on campus to assist with minor illnesses and daily needs would be a great benefit to both students and employees. 

Kirkwood provides many resources to maintain the well being of students such as a food pantry, rec center and mental health services. Why, then, do we not provide students with access to a campus nurse?

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