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Campus Views: Do you think it is important for college students to be educated in voting?

Kirkwood Student Noah Devore
Noah Devore, AAA Music Program

“I believe that it is important for students to be educated on the importance of voting, however, I also know that some people don’t think it is important. The future of America depends on our voting and that is why it matters.”

Kirkwood Student Pavi'elle Fitch
Pavi’elle Fitch, Nursing

“Voting is important for college students because it has an impact on our school funding. School funding can help improve our school when it comes to books, financial aid and teachers.”

Kirkwood Student Sriven Kadiyala
Sriven Kadiyala, English

“Voting is very important because it is the only way we get to decide who represents us. It affects our future and how our country is run.”

Kirkwood Student Isaiah McGowan
Isaiah McGowan, AAA Music Program

“I believe it is important to vote because we have to be educated for the future, and…  it will give students a view into the world that they are working so hard to help.”

Kirkwood Student Donald Winchester
Donald Winchester, Computer Software Development

“It is important to vote because it is a way for us to express our beliefs and share how we feel toward one side vs. another.”

Image courtesy of Liz Schultz - Managing Editor | Kirkwood Communiqué

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