Letters to the editor

Letter to the Editor

As a freshman here at Kirkwood, I really do not have much to complain about. Everything is great, whether it’s the professors, the amount of parking, the quality of the buildings or even being one of just two community colleges that have an Apple store. As students, we are beyond lucky to attend this beautiful school. From my experience so far, Kirkwood is an amazing college.    

Kirkwood sports are outstanding. We have baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball and golf, but no football. Junior college football should be a bigger deal within Iowa sports. As a student, I loved attending my high school football games. Being in the student fan section was electric. Again, Kirkwood sports are outstanding, and if we were able to give Kirkwood a football team then we would soar as a school.

The environment of sports is an electric feeling. I have personally been to the past few volleyball games, and they are amazing. The atmosphere that the women bring is awesome, they play with intensity, and they win. All Kirkwood sports does is win. We have a great reputation when it comes to sports and are a well-known school.    

All the students and student-athletes here are amazing. There truly is an excellent kind of vibe here. A college football team would spruce up Kirkwood with even more of that energy. With that being said, a good football team and some Friday night lights would definitely be a wonderful addition to the beautiful Kirkwood Community College.