Campus Views March 12, 2020

What are your plans for spring break?

Ashley Gastor - Nursing

Ashley Gastor: Nursing

“I’m going to the study abroad trip for Belize, for the nursing program where we get to work at a clinic and a hospital and get to help out there.”

Greg Ratzlaff - CNC Machining

Greg Ratzlaff – CNC Machining

“Hanging out with friends.”

Alex Wallace - Transfer Program

Alex Wallace – Transfer Program

“I plan to do a bit of traveling since everything is cheap right now.”

Paige Wolf - Liberal Arts

Paige Wolf – Liberal Arts

“Mostly working and visiting family.”

Isaiah Ganzevoolt - Science

Isaiah Ganzevoolt – Science

“I’m using that time to get ahead in my online class.”

Image courtesy of Communique Staff | Kirkwood Communiqué

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