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Campus Views: What are your plans after Kirkwood?

Kirkwood student Drew Dooley
Drew Dooley, Computer Science

“I will go to [the University of] Iowa for Computer Science.”  

Kirkwood student Ryan Hutchinson
Ryan Hutchinson, Liberal Arts

“I will transfer to the University of Iowa.”

Kirkwood student Leny Cristobal
Leny Cristobal, Dental

“I will complete two years here before transferring to [the University of] Iowa.”

Kirkwood student
Elysia Severson, Diagnostic Assistant

“After Kirkwood, I plan to go for Radiology Technician.”

Kirkwood student Chloe Schultz
Chloe Schultz, Music

“Transfer to the University of Iowa.”

Images courtesy of Jeff Sigmund | Kirkwood Communiqué and Jeff Sigmund

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