Making time for self-care

Seasonal depression is real. This time of year, students tend to either strongly invest themselves in their studies or have little to no motivation due to stress levels. 

It is crucial to have a healthy work-life balance along with being able to indulge in self-care and activities. 

 The brain is a powerful part of the body. It needs serotonin, energy and activity to function at a balanced level. While not studying, in class or working, it is important to make time for things that keep you happy and healthy. If our brains and bodies do not get enough movement, energy or serotonin, it can lead to high anxiety and depression levels.  

Taking time out of your day to do things such as going on a walk, phoning a friend to hang out with, trying something new or spending time with family can have a tremendous impact. 

Between the ages of 18 and 24, the brain is still working to develop and needs a balanced level of joy.  

Daily routines such as waking up early to do yoga, meditate or exercise can help start your day right. Other ways to help your body and brain are preparing a healthy breakfast and other meals or trying something new. Throughout the day, also do not forget to include self-care regimes such as brushing your teeth, taking a shower or finding ways to detox.  

Spending lots of time on your phone is not the healthiest way of self-care but getting a few hours to text or talk with friends may add to pleasure and serotonin in the body. 

There are so many ways to take time for yourself daily to be happy. These are not required but a few of these activities can have a big impact on mental health and serotonin levels. Next time you are feeling unmotivated, spend time with loved ones or indulge in leisure activities you enjoy. Students experience additional stress and should take time to recharge.

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