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Campus Views: What is your favorite Thanksgiving Food and Why?

Brenda Hernandez
Brenda Hernandez, Liberal Arts

Mexican Tamales. My mom is just an amazing cook. They are just the best! 

Grace Miller
Grace Miller, Liberal Arts

My grandmother’s lefse. It’s a Norwegian potato tortilla. When you put cinnamon and butter on it tastes delicious.  

Ashton Hedeman
Ashton Hedeman, Graphic Communication

I would have to say simply turkey. I just like it a lot. It fills me up and it tastes really good. 

Kaylin Seeman
Kaylin Seeman, Undecided

Stuffing. I think because my grandmother’s stuffing is the only kind I eat, so it is kind of a tribute to her, and because it’s just really good. 

Skylar Dudley
Skylar Dudley, English

I have to say either glazed ham or green bean casserole. Ham – the texture and flavor are really good. And green bean casserole – we are in the Midwest – that’s a good enough reason! 

Image courtesy of JoEllen Ritchie

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