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Campus Views: What do you think of the driving habits on campus?

Jonathan McKoever Construction  Management

Jonathan McKoever: Construction Management

“Driving is good.”

Bridget Hoffmann Dental Hygiene

Bridget Hoffmann: Dental Hygiene

“I luckily have not been involved in any accident regarding poor driving on anyone’s part on Kirkwood or any time for that matter. However, I’m in the hygiene program and I go to the University of Iowa for Monday, Wednesday, Friday and our car pool leaves 30 minutes earlier than normal just because we want to avoid any possible accidents.”

Parker Hoffmann Liberal Arts

Parker Hoffmann: Liberal Arts

“I haven’t really seen bad driving on campus.”

Sienna Bieber Liberal Arts

Sienna Bieber: Liberal Arts

“In my sophomore year of high school, I rolled a Durango and it was really scary. An accident can change your driving habits.”

Sam Carpenter Geology

Sam Carpenter: Geology

“I can think of a couple incidents, one in particular where the person is swerving all over the highway in traffic.”

Images courtesy of Juana Jones | Kirkwood Communiqué and Juana Jones

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