Don’t wait to take next steps: Students encouraged to prepare for smooth transition

As the fall semester ends, many students are facing their last semester at Kirkwood this coming spring. 

Whether students plan to transfer to a four-year college or begin job hunting, the excitement of the next career stepping stones can quickly turn to feelings of anxiety and overwhelmingness, especially if things don’t go to plan. 

Luckily, Kirkwood has many resources and opportunities available to help make the transition to life after Kirkwood as easy as possible. 

Students could consider checking into what programs are available and designed for easy transferring, such as the 3+1 program for nursing students heading to the University of Iowa.

While it may seem a bit early to prepare, it does take time to have your ducks in a row before transferring to a different college or jumping into job hunting. 

Stress can be lessened by starting as soon as possible, whether it’s discussing plans with an advisor or creating a resume. 

The most important starting point when transferring to a new school is for students to reach out to both their Kirkwood advisor and the advisor at the college to which they are transferring.

Communication is important to make sure all credits can transfer, along with the classes taken, and what classes will be needed in the future college. It’s also important to make sure to complete all needed Kirkwood classes and requirements in order to transfer, including internships. Students can reach out to their advisors, instructors or Career Services for help in determining if they are on track in this regard.

 There are times when it can be frustrating, but don’t be afraid to ask both advisors what you’re able to do in the situation and act accordingly. Don’t be afraid to reach out if things become very overwhelming and frustrating, whether it’s through friends or Kirkwood’s counseling services.

It can be scary to aim for a full-time job opportunity after finishing college, especially when one has limited experience job hunting, and that’s okay. 

When beginning to apply for jobs, students have probably heard about the importance of resumes but simply don’t know where to begin. Kirkwood offers classes and services to explain the process through Career Services. Whether students need help  creating a resume, learning how to use the job finding site Handshake, finding internships and job opportunities, preparing for interviews or just exploring different careers the world has to offer, Career Services can help students get a better idea on what career they’re aiming for and how to achieve their goals. 

Students don’t have to be in the final stretch of Kirkwood to get started planning for the future. 

Whether at the beginning or in the middle of their education, or about to finish Kirkwood, students can always reach out to their advisors, career services and other resources for support at Kirkwood.

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