Fall break could reduce student stress

Exhausted student

From the transition to summer break into the start of a new semester of college, students often have difficulty adapting to a new semester. Although the first week of school is known as “Syllabus Week,” depending on the class and professor, the class may enter full swing.  

Every college has a midterms week that takes place halfway into the semester. During this time, college students often get burnt out from schoolwork and have difficulty staying focused. 

Unlike several private, public and community colleges and universities in the state, Kirkwood Community College does not have a fall break, which could help reduce this stress.   

Wartburg College’s fall break is usually set in October after midterms, which allows students time to unwind after dealing with loads of stress. Why doesn’t Kirkwood have a fall break?  

Adding a fall break to Kirkwood’s schedule would help reduce the number of stresses students experience and will allow professors time for grading and organization.  

Although there is nothing that students and staff can do about not having a fall break this semester, it is important that all professors understand the stress levels and impact that midterms and finals have on a student.  

The best way to take care of yourself during these times is to remember to relax, stay organized, drink plenty of water and get sleep. 

In the future, there may be an additional fall break added to the college’s plan but for the time being, it is crucial to stay healthy and strong mentally. 

Image courtesy of Javan Wilson | Kirkwood Communiqué

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