Kirkwood Alert: The app that protects

Kirkwood Alert app graphic

Any day, something unexpected may happen. A sudden snowstorm, power outage or fire drill can affect student class schedules.

Fortunately, Kirkwood has an emergency notification system to warn students about time sensitive issues. All students need to do is provide a phone number or e-mail to receive the alerts.

According to the Public Safety website, “Kirkwood Alert is your connection to real-time emergency information, updates, instructions on where to go, what to do or what not to do, who to contact and other important information.”

In Iowa, it’s common for cold icy days to cause a school delay or cancellation. Kirkwood Alert is a great way to find out if campus is closed or will open later in the day. This isn’t just for snowstorms, but any severe weather from extreme heat to a tornado warning.

Kirkwood Alert does more than warn us about Iowa’s severe weather. It alerts students if parts of campus are closed due to power outages, unexpected damage to a building, gas leaks and other issues. This can help students know if their classes are affected or if they need to use a different route through campus.

Kirkwood Alert also shares incidents that affect students such as break-ins or suspicious activity in the area. These alerts are reported by Kirkwood’s Public Safety officers to ensure the safety of students and staff.

Kirkwood Alert is an essential tool and all students should sign up. It is easy, free and could save a trip to campus on a snowy day. Just go to Kirkwood.edu/alerts to register.

Image courtesy of Yahya Halim | Kirkwood Communiqué

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