KRCUI vs. main campus features  

Several changes have taken place with Kirkwood Community College’s campuses within the last year. Last spring, the college announced the Iowa City Campus was closing and classes would move to the Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa (KRCUI). Students living in the Iowa City and Coralville area then had to begin taking classes at the regional center in Coralville. 

There are many differences to consider when comparing the two campuses and overall, more needs to be offered at KRCUI. 

The main campus has a library that includes three floors and resourceful librarians. Although KRCUI does not have a library, it has a Testing Center and a large commons area for students to study. The regional center should add a library. This will allow students to find the resources they need and study in a quiet space.  

The regional center is newer, being built in 2015 as opposed to the main campus being a mix of older and newer facilities. Iowa Hall was recently renovated in 2022 and opened this past summer for students, faculty and the community, but the regional center does not have a building or area designated for a café or for students to socialize.  

Campus involvement is very important in regard to student success. The main campus has many events that happen throughout the academic year, but the regional center does not. Although the regional center does not offer many events, there are still ways to get involved on the campus.  

Parking is another perk that the main campus holds over KRCUI. With there being several buildings, students have accessibility to park without worrying about finding a spot. Unfortunately, with the regional center originally designed for high schoolers taking college courses, there is only one parking lot. This has forced students and visitors to park in the grass, which is a safety concern.  

Additionally, KRCUI does not have the same public safety  as the main campus, which should also be added to ensure the safety of students in Coralville. 

There are many differences between the two campuses and overall, more needs to be added for students at KRCUI.

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