Make GPA a priority

It’s Thursday and you’re already tired of the long week. Your first class is at 8 a.m., the hardest class you’re in. What’s worse, there’s a pop quiz right off the bat. Even though you felt somewhat confident, you didn’t do well and your GPA suffers in the long-run.  

 While a situation like this may sound familiar and is certainly disappointing, being concerned with your GPA is an important part of success as a student. Since it is just past midterm, there is still time to improve before the semester’s GPA becomes permanent.  

 There are many reasons to maintain your GPA. With a good GPA, you can enroll in advanced classes and graduate on time as opposed to retaking classes or going on Financial Aid suspension. Financial Aid means that you have to pay for your classes out of pocket until you can raise your GPA prolonging your education or even having to pay more in total when your education is all done.

A strong GPA not only enhances your scholarship opportunities, reflecting dedication and reducing the need for loans or part-time employment, but also allows you to save additional funds and time, providing a more focused and efficient academic journey. Additionally, it opens doors to academic honors and further educational opportunities.

You are also able to qualify for scholarships for study abroad trips. Having work ethic also ties into maintaining a good GPA. While working hard, it may boost your GPA and will inevitably benefit you overall.  

 Looking ahead, maintaining a good GPA helps in the future. A good GPA entitles the student status of a more than capable person by default. Kirkwood’s Learning Commons is willing to hire to assist other Kirkwood students with their academic needs. 

Many professors and students are also willing to assist students outside of the classroom. Teachers can mention your good grades and work ethic in recommendation letters. Thus, a higher chance to be chosen among the hundreds or thousands of applicants you compete against.  Don’t forget, there’s always the Learning Commons if you have no idea who to go to for help.

 In essence, many companies and colleges want excellent students or employees who show work ethic and dedication. 

A good GPA shows that you are willing to work and put in a good work ethic on the job which is the way that most employers or schools select who works for them or who even gets to attend their school and a good GPA can really go a long way and make you stand out. 

This includes records of the student’s stats on paper such as GPA and accomplishments. 

The point here is that student success and GPA often go hand-in-hand. So, make time to study, reach out when you need help and finish strong. 

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