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February Staff Pick: Favorite snow day activity

My favorite snow day activity is to make some hot chocolate at home. It really helps me feel cozy around my home, and it’s also super easy to make. Here’s a tip, hot cocoa is always better when the base is milk, rather than water. The very thought of using water doesn’t sound very appealing at all, honestly. For toppings, I find in the end that it’s more convenient to have only whip cream on it. Sure, marshmallows are aesthetically pleasing too, but more often than not, the marshmallows will just be something you’ll have to dig for with your spoon at the bottom of your cup, and that’s a turn-off.  

Chris Klepach, Staff Writer

I will be honest that winter is my least favorite season. My car is horrible in snow and I always feel sick. I will say there is only one activity that I like participating in and it is sledding. I may sound like a kid but the rush of it makes the snow a little more bearable. 

Amanda Bollig, Graphics Editor

My favorite snow day activity is playing video games with my brother or my younger cousin. Over the summer my brother taught me how to play Pokémon Sword and Shield. Now we are teaching our cousin how to play and it is a lot of fun. We used to play Mario Cart and Super Mario Brothers. We also have a tradition of making caramel brownies to eat.  

Jessica McWilliams, Managing Editor

While stuck at home during another awesome snowstorm I just love to do all sorts of studying. Study, study, study. No, I’m just kidding. What I really like to do is tell everyone how important it is to relax and enjoy the day, while secretly planning to do an amazing amount of homework and house cleaning. And I do get a little bit done but mostly I watch YouTube videos and “Futurama” and stare out the window and wish the snowflakes were a little bit bigger. Later in the afternoon (and this is my favorite part), I can’t take it anymore. So, I bundle up with far too many layers (childhood memories are strong here) and I head outside for a long, long trek through the snow and wind and ice. 

Andrew Schneider, Web Editor

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