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March 2021 Staff Pick: “Spring Break” plans

Since Spring Break was canceled this year here are our plans to relax during the month of March:  

I think that I am going to take two of my younger cousins to the Putnam Museum in Davenport. It has some really fun exhibits. I will also be starting to seed my garden towards the end of March. I am really excited to have a garden again this year. 

Jessica McWilliams, Managing Editor

I’m going to try get back into running. I took a break back in December to focus on school work and now that it’s getting warmer, I want to pick it up again. I also have a guitar and a violin I haven’t touched in I don’t know how long. I would love to be able to play some songs on them in my free time. 

Laura Hoff, Copy Editor

Since it will be warmer, I plan on biking again. For me, it’s a relaxing way to exercise. And, I’m hoping to draw more personal artwork again. 

Amanda Bollig, Graphics Editor

Over my unofficial spring break, I will be intentional about enjoying time with my friends and family. When I am trying to relax, I look to them to make me laugh and forget about the work load of school. Some activities that I like to do with friends and family are watch “The Bachelor,” ride horses, go to church, and go on dog walks.

Chloe Gray, Creative Director

I normally don’t do the Spring Break thing but I will try to relax. I’d like to get outside and take my dogs for a walk, bake goods depending on my mood, and hang out with my man more. Anything to take my mind off of my studies for a minute and reset before I go back into work mode. 

Shannon Poitras, Staff Writer

Leading up to our official spring break last year I had tentative plans to go up north, i.e., Minnesota. But with COVID starting to become a worry I ended up spending a good part of the week visiting friends and family in my home town. I will probably do something similar this year, though just for a weekend. Taking time off from studying usually makes me feel anxious and not relaxed – every day counts – but if it gets warm I wouldn’t mind going for a jog.  

Andrew Schneider, Web Editor

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