Sacrifices made by veterans do not go unnoticed

Thank you to every veteran who has served. The Communiqué staff is beyond grateful for the time sacrificed. We understand that by serving, veterans lost time with friends and family and also lost time spent on careers or education. Those sacrifices have not gone unnoticed. 

Held on Nov. 11 annually, Veterans Day is a great day to thank those who served, but it is also important to remember those sacrifices all year round.   

The adjustments it takes to get back to “civilian life” after actively serving are difficult at the best of times. For everyone, healing time is different. It takes a multitude of time to get the medical care or mental health care needed even when healthcare systems are not stretched to the max as they are now. 

These reasons are why it is so important for civilians to take the time to check in with any veterans outside of Veterans Day that they may know. 

It is understood through some of our own personal experiences how hard it can be to have loved ones be away for days, weeks or months at a time. It is also understood that sometimes service members do not come back as the same person from an overseas tour, helping with covid tests or even helping with the clean-up of a natural disaster. 

Each of these events can leave an impact that may change our service men and women for the better, however, it can also leave a lasting negative impact on their lives whether it is PTSD or severe physical injuries. Healthcare for veterans is vital as they are making a knowing sacrifice in their lives to save our own. 

 We ask that this year for Veterans Day and the upcoming holidays, those who can check in on their friends and family who have served. It can be hard to readjust to normal life, much less be a part of crowded family gatherings or a change in routine. It is never too late to reach out to those we care about, even when it’s hard to know what to say.

The importance of appreciating and understanding that the service veterans provide to our country has not gone unnoticed is crucial.

Campuses and communities work hard and spend many hours to prepare events that acknowledge and appreciate the work veterans have put in. If each community member takes the time to thank and appreciate veterans as well, it can make a large impact on their lives. 

With the amount of dedication and grit veterans hold, it is vital to respect and dedicate a special day to all who have served. 

Across all military branches, the services that veterans provide illustrates the true commitment they have to our country and to keeping citizens safe and in return we owe them our commitment every day of the year.

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