Size really does matter

“Pocket disparity” is a real thing especially in regard to women’s safety. In general, women’s athletic wear and clothing do not have pockets at all or have pockets that can’t be used for anything more than holding a chapstick, while men’s clothing can hold a wallet, cellphone and car keys. 

In self-defense clases,  instructors will say that most attackers are opportunistic and will go after someone they think is vulnerable. Women have been abducted and murdered while out running or even just going to classes on college campuses across the United States. 

Yet, when a woman is out jogging, she carries very little that could be used for self-defense, and that makes her a target for unspeakable acts.

Yes, there are things such arm bands that may hold cell phones that are a step in the right direction. I  realize  that putting pockets in every piece of clothing won’t save everyone’s life, however,  I do believe that it will make a difference in a person’s life. 

By giving women the ability to carry even something as small as a pepper spray canister or a stun gun could make a difference in one person’s life and their ability to fend off a would be attacker. 

I think we should honor the memory of Mollie Tibbetts who was abducted near her home in Brooklyn, Iowa, and Celia Barquin Arozamena, a golfer from Iowa State, both of whom were killed in 2018, and countless other women who have been murdered while running. 

I think we owe it to our sisters, our friends and our parents to demand a change from clothing designers and manufactures.

Our families should not be left behind to mourn our deaths or left to wonder if something could have given a different outcome. 

Iowa gave students the right to carry stun guns on colleges campuses. Now we need to give women a place to carry them, since men’s clothing already has pockets. Women’s lives are not less valuable than men’s.

I am asking that you speak with your dollar,  purchase clothing from companies that provide pockets and use Instagram and Twitter to voice your concerns to other companies that you want to buy from. Contact celebrities. Changes start small but can have a big impact.

In comparison to other hot topics like global warming and the growing threat of the Coronavirus this might seem silly but can you put a monetary value on a human life?  I don’t think so. I truly think if you can give a woman a fighting chance it would be better than doing nothing. 

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