Outstanding Students

Alondra Hernandez

Q: Where are you from? (city, state) 

A: Malcom, Iowa 

Q: Why did you choose Kirkwood? 

A: I chose Kirkwood because it was an affordable and well renown school. 

Q: What is your major and how did you choose it? 

A: I am a Dental Assisting major and I chose it because I have always had a love for dentistry and after my job shadow in high school I knew for sure it was what I wanted to do. I plan to hopefully return to school after saving money to study to be a dental hygienist. 

Q: What has been your proudest moment at Kirkwood?  

A: My proudest moment at Kirkwood was when my dental assisting class and I were able to come together after the derecho and help an elderly couple clean up their property. They were so appreciative and it was a great feeling to know we had helped someone who needed it. 

Q: What are your plans after Kirkwood? 

A: I am currently not studying at Kirkwood. I have graduated from my assisting program and am working as a full time assistant at Iowa City Dental Health! In the future however I hope to return to study Hygiene. 

Q: What inspires or motivates you? 

A: I am motivated primarily by my family. My parents are some of the most loving and hardworking people I know. As immigrants it is very hard for them but no matter what they always make sure we have everything we need. They gave me everything I have today, and I work hard to give back anything I can to them.  

Q: Tell us about who you are outside of Kirkwood – hobbies, family, other interests, etc. 

A: Outside of school I love to be creative. I love to draw and paint and spend time with friends thinking of new projects. My current project is working on a graphic novel with the hopes of turning it into an animation. 

Q: What does be named an Outstanding Student mean to you? 

A: Being named as an outstanding student means a lot to me! It is an incredible honor to know that my work is being recognized. It is a blessing to know that I am achieving what my parents have sacrificed for. I know they would be very proud.  

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add? 

A: Thank you so much for this recognition.  

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