Outstanding Students

Emma Holstein

Where are you from? I am from Camanche, Iowa 

Why did you choose Kirkwood? I chose Kirkwood because of the design program. I was really impressed with what the program had to offer compared to a four year college. 

What is your major and how did you choose it? My major is Interior Design and I chose this major because I have always enjoyed being creative and the wide range of career opportunities interior design offers. 

What has been your proudest moment at Kirkwood? My proudest moment at Kirkwood has been maintaining a good GPA and being selected for Kirkwood Outstanding Student Award. 

What are your plans after Kirkwood? My plan after Kirkwood is to start my career. 

What inspires or motivates you? I get inspiration from the leadership in the Interior Design program. My peers and instructors motivate me to get more detailed and creative in each and every project.  

Tell us about who you are outside of Kirkwood. Outside of Kirkwood, I enjoy spending time with family, friends, and my dogs. In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors, going on vacation and shopping.  

What does being named an Outstanding Student mean to you It has been an honor to be a part of such a great program and being named an Outstanding Student. I have achieved this by maintaining a close connection to Kirkwood, it has given me a sense of pride in my projects, maintaining good grades, meeting deadlines and going above and beyond with the travel experiences I have been able to participate in. 

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