Outstanding Students

Timothy Le

Where are you from?

Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Why did you choose Kirkwood?

I chose Kirkwood because I heard great things about the nursing program.

What is your major and how did you choose it?

My major is nursing. I chose nursing because I enjoy helping people and I wanted a career where I could make a positive difference and impact in caring for others.

What has been your proudest moment at Kirkwood?

My proudest moment so far is being seven weeks away from graduation. It has been a heck of a ride with plenty of ups and downs and I’m excited to graduate.

What are your plans after Kirkwood?

After Kirkwood, I’ll spend the next few weeks studying for the nursing boards and hopefully I’ll begin working soon. I also plan on spending some quality time with my family. They have been very supportive and understanding throughout this whole process.

What inspires or motivates you?

My wife and kids inspire me and push me to be a better person. They are the reason I decided to go back to school.

Tell us about who you are outside of Kirkwood.

Outside of Kirkwood, I love to enjoy time with family and friends. I spend a lot of time outdoors. Some of my hobbies are fishing, golfing and biking. I also enjoy going to movies, playing sports, video games and going out to eat.

What does being named an Outstanding Student mean to you?

Being named an Outstanding Student means that my hard work and dedication has paid off. It means that I have an amazing support group around me with my wife, kids, parents, brothers and sister-in-law, so I want to thank my family for all their love and support.

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