Fall season recap for Kirkwood Eagles golf

On the weekend of Halloween Kirkwood would play their final tournament of the fall season with the Battle of the Ozarks where they would finish second place capping of a very amazing fall season.

Throughout the entire 2023 fall season, the Eagles would shine where as a team they never placed outside of the top four while also winning three golf meets including the Klocke Classic, the District Preview and the Wartburg invite. These three meets were half of the meets that the Eagles have participated in while also finishing in second place in the national preview for country.

The Eagles would start their season competing in the Klocke Classic over by Mount Mercy where they ended up winning where Gannon Hall finished the best out of any players and only one stroke behind in second place had Grant Greazel.

A few weeks after the Klocke Classic the Eagles would go into the district preview where they had Grant Greazel finish the best in district going first place with Nathan Bratanata and Nate Offerman also being tied for fourth and only one stroke behind in ninth landed Frank Haege where the Eagles finished had a great district preview winning it all finishing first place in the district as a team

Right after the District Preview landed the National Preview where Quinn Tinkler would finish third in the nation finishing six above par while also having Grant Greazel finishing eleven over finishing in seventh place and Frank Haege finishing 17 above par and tied for 12th place with the Eagles finishing second place as a team in the national showcase.

Right after the stress of the district and national preview would head back to Wartburg to compete in the Wartburg invite where they would eventually win with Grant Greazel finishing first, Frank Haege and Gannon Hall being tied for third, and Quinn Tinkler securing fifth place with Leo Burger finishing in sixth place for the tournament  where as a team they would dominant their competition.

One standout player during this fall has been grant Greazel with two player first place finishes including the district preview, and the Wartburg invite while also finishing second in the Klocke Classic only behind Kirkwood’s own Gannon Hall behind only one stroke. 

Another player that would shine at times would be Quinn Tinkler. Quinn would very consistent throughout the whole year finishing in the top 10 of players in multiple meets including sixth in the Klocke Classic, third in the national preview which was the best of any of the Eagles by and entire five strokes, fifth in the Wartburg invite.

Now that the fall season is over the Eagles go into the offseason for winter where they will get ready to for the spring season where during that time will compete in the district and national tournament to try and compete and hopefully become back to back National Champs.

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