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CCI students showcase diversity 

In a display of community engagement and cultural exchange, Community College Initiative students from Kirkwood Community College recently went to Garfield Elementary School to participate in a vibrant Cultural Fair. 

This collaboration not only showcased the diverse talents of CCI students but also provided an experience for elementary school students and their families. 

The event, held was a celebration of cultures from around the world. Colorful dance performances took the stage, and the showcase offered a unique opportunity for students of all ages to learn, engage and celebrate diversity. 

For the CCI students, participating in the Cultural Showcase was not just an opportunity to showcase their talents but also a chance to give back to the community. 

Students shared aspects of their cultural heritage through music and dance, captivating the young audience and sparking their curiosity about the world beyond their own. 

Program Coordinator Elizabeth O’Brien said, “The cultural showcases that the CCI Program participants have been involved with throughout the community allows the greater area to engage in cultural exchange and brings opportunities for all to discover traditional dances, songs, language, and values representative of the many countries featured.”

She added, “Each performance is different and offers a cohesive representation of the rich diversity we are so fortunate to have at Kirkwood. I enjoy watching the students each put their creative spin on their individual country performances and seeing how they want the rest of the world to experience their country.”