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Campus Views: What is your favorite part of the holiday season?

Marcus Taylor
Marcus Taylor, Film/Video Production

Spending time with family and playing the game Skyrim. I enjoy the cold winter theme landscapes that remind me of the season. I like to get some snacks and cozy in for some game playing . I also love my mom’s lasagna, which is a tradition for our Christmas meal.

Alliyah Johnson
Alliyah Johnson, Business Admin/ Marketing Mgmt

I made my own tradition – I have a group of family and friends come over and we make our own margaritas based on the holiday.

Pendeza Budederi
Pendeza Budederi, Liberal Arts

Just this Thanksgiving my father was here from Congo, so we had a really amazing time together. It was the first Thanksgiving in 11 years.

Lawrence Reeves
Lawrence Reeves, Business Admin

Doesn’t matter what the holiday, anytime I can gather with family and hangout and catch up. There is no better tradition in my opinion.

Billie Jo Zhorne
Billie Jo Zhorne, Business Admin

The white elephant exchange at Christmas. Because nobody knows what they will get – it may be a fun gift, a great gift or something you have been wanting. It’s a huge surprise – I love surprises!

Anne Michelle Mgondabbinam
Anne Michelle Mgondabbinam, Liberal Arts

We go to church and come back the next day and have a big family reunion with the members of the church, then we all cook together, barbecue style, and then we all eat together.

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