Spring break: A time for rest and relaxation

It’s that time again. College students in Iowa breathe a sigh of relief as they find themselves facing one more spring break. 

While Kirkwood is a welcoming and supportive environment for students of all types, this break is extremely important to many, providing peace and relaxation away from the stress that can pile on during quizzes, long and complicated assignments and the hours studying for classes or those pesky last-minute quizzes or assignments thrown your way right before break.  

A week of pause to the semester can do wonders for students who find themselves caught up among their own work, forgetting that they need to look out for themselves as well when they are in the middle of the daily grind.  

As a fellow student, it can feel tough to get out of the headspace of the paper reading or frantic keyboard typing that college admittedly brings, so I have some safe (and legal) ideas that can help you take your relaxation medication for the short spring vacation: 

When I think of chilling out, the first image in my head is taking a warm bath. Nothing could be more relaxing than being embraced by heavenly bath water that mythical legends have only uttered about. But honestly, taking warm baths is one of the easiest ways to cure stress and I have gotten over a few headaches with this method as well.  

Take those naps, you have the time, now. It is nice to catch those extra z’s you may have missed during the infamous “It’s 1 a.m. and either this paper gets finished or I’m toast” events you encounter. With spring break on the horizon, you can get those lapses of consciousness into your day to feel energized.  

Playing video games is a good way to let off some steam. With spring break, you have more time on your hands to finish that difficult level, catch a “W” with the gang in “Apex Legends,” or find an Easter egg a bored video game developer added on. In the computer or on the console, video games are a no-brainer for nothing-to-do syndrome.  

Finally, hang out with friends and family. What’s the fun in a spring break if you don’t have anyone to share it with? Ask a family member if they want to grab a bite to eat. Watch an amazing obscure movie with a buddy, I recommend “Killer Bean Forever.” Create those memories you will look back on many years later and smile, knowing that your very existence and companionship improved the lives of others around you, just as theirs had to you. 

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