The case for a Kirkwood dance

A rite of passage for high-school students is attending a dance or formal of some kind, whether it be homecoming, prom or ladies choice. The excitement of those events die off as students advance to college or universities.

We propose that Kirkwood Community College sponsor a winter or spring formal to enhance the college experience.

The big question is – Will this event be engaging to students? Drumming up engagement is perhaps any college’s biggest struggle with an event like this. In high school, students get excited about dances because there are only a few held each year.

However, at the college level, there are events almost every day of the week for students and that could draw away from other events.   

However, this can be solved quickly enough by tying it into a significant event already happening, such as basketball or finals. Holding a formal homecoming dance related to the first home game for our basketball teams  would bridge the gap.

This would be not only just another dance but also a celebration to kick off a good season. If we tied it to finals, it would work as a sign of completion of students’ hard work.   

One argument against the college hosting a dance could be that we already have Kirkwood Dance Marathon (KDM). This is an important event that raises money for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital to directly help families with children who are facing life-threatening illnesses. However, KDM is a fundraiser and dance party.

A college sponsored dance on campus would be an event where students could dress in formal attire, socialize, and make memories with friends. 

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